Conscious consumption

           The Brazilian economic model don´t fit on the tripod: economically viable, socially fair and ecologically correct. We live in a country that stimulates consumption and consequent waste. The School may strength values and attitudes on daily actions. The focus of the project is the food conscious consumption, once we believe that trough new habits like selection, storage, prepare and full use of food it is possible to avoid waste and preserve the planet resources.
          After diagnosis of how is food wasted at school we conclude that we would make full use of food during prepare and we noted that waste occurs mainly in the preparation phase and not during consumption of the food.
          Due to lack of information we trash fruit shells and vegetables leaves and stalks that most contain nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins and fibers in even bigger amounts in usually consumed parts of these products. The waste is also seen in excessive buying, lack of domestic planning and incorrect storage.  
          The next step was to qualify our students on a food integral usage course with the purpose of make multipliers and aware more people that non conventional parts of food are nutrient rich once the lack of people´s knowledge on nutritional properties of food is one of the main factors that leads to food waste.
          The course constituted of theory classes focusing healthy alimentation, the nutrients, the nutritional values of shells, stalks and seeds and basic food prepare sanitation.    
          In practice, recipes were selected, made and tasted by students, which learned that it is possible to have a healthy alimentation without wasting food.
With the purpose of multiply the practice of food full use and stimulate a healthy alimentation and avoid waste, the students selected some recipes and prepared meals for school community.
          Trough these actions the project tried to show that everyone is connected to a lifestyle and consequently the environment suffer the impact of our actions. It is very important to realize that these activities contribute to the formation of people aware of the environment they live.

          For that it is necessary that these actions be constant, accessible and connected to local reality and treated at the most concrete way possible, once students learn a lot with their life experiences with all kind of experience opportunities they have access. Therefore the goal was achieved but also gave the certainty that there is much work to be done to create the change and the commitment so necessary to a sustainable world. 

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